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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Yummy, Silky Slings

After a many-mooned hiatus, I have returned to my forlorn sewing machine.  I have always loved pouch slings.  My adjustable fleece pouch sling has been my favorite baby gear purchase over the past 4+ years.  In anticipation of my first Summer newborn baby, I thought I would make a new style of sling from a strong, lightweight yet luxurious fabric.  Silk was the obvious winner.  Dupioni Silk to be precise.  This silk is woven from two different colored threads, creating a shimmering effect in the light.  Naturally durable, this is the perfect fiber for babywearing.  It took me a few tries to perfect the construction of a properly proportioned ring sling.  Now that I have, I think that this will become my official new "favorite" style of sling.  It is infinitely adjustable and so comfortable for both Mom and Baby.  Since my baby has yet to arrive to demonstrate, my daughter's dolly is my model in the following photos.  I am offering these slings on a custom basis for $95.  There are many, many gorgeous colors available.   Slings can be monotone, reversible with two colors as shown, or patterned.  Let me know your color preference and we can work together on a design.